Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009

Creation of a Chicklet

On this blog I will explain a bit how to make itself chicklet.Chicklet to represent the identity of our blog.The way it chicklet as follows:

First, select the program GIMP on your computer, after appearing on the main page GIMP select "File" - "New" and change the size of the Width and Height to 78 pixels and 13 pixels.

Second, you enlarge the display image by clicking the zoom button at the bottom of the picture window of the original 100% to 400%.

After that, you click the Rectangle Select Tool and then your selection image area 3 / 4 parts on the right.

The next way, you click the Fill Bucket tool to give your favorite color in the selection of image areas that have been made.To change the color you like, you click the foreground color on the toolbox GIMP.

The way you should do next, click the Text tool to create the identity of your blog title.In the selection area 3 / 4 part, you write the complete identity of what you want to appear on the chicklet and the rest of the image area you write down the left side of your identity abbreviationsor are you like.For example, the selection area 3 / 4 of which you have the right color, you write "Football Club" in blue or favorite color and selection of image area to the left you can write "FC" in red.

The last, click the menu "Filter" - "Decor" - "Add Border" and then change the border size x and y size to 1 and select the color you like.
After all how are you doing, you can save the results of the chicklet you're done.

Thus summary I could make, would be useful for you.

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