Selasa, 10 November 2009

Optimization Blog

Here are ways to optimize a blog, among others:
First, search for keywords by opening the site / adwords.
After the opening address of the site, you make a post with keywords that have been suggested such google,bold these keywords or give other initials or color.
then, according to label title and repeat the keywords writing every 100 word.
After the "publish", we make the next step of "submit" to various web directories.
Alternatively you download the software "directory submitter".
the last way our blog is known to many people that is the way to the blog walking with the same theme or other blogs, too fine.Then we can apply our blog to various search engines.

Selasa, 01 September 2009

Ramadhan yang Penuh Keajaiban

Bulan Ramadhan atau bulan ketika seseorang yang sudah memenuhi syarat untuk berpuasa diwajibkan berpuasa merupakan bulan yang penuh berkah dan ampunan.Di bulan Ramadhan semua muslim di dunia berbondong-bondong melakukan perbuatan yang bertujuan untuk mendapat pahala dan ampunan agar dirinya bisa hidup bahagia di dunia dan di akhirat.Di dalam bulan Ramadhan terjadi peristiwa yang sangat menakjubkan diantaranya ada malam dimana malam tersebut lebih baik dari seribu bulan atau yang lebih dikenal malam Lailatul Qadar.Semua muslim ingin mendapatkan malam yang penuh berkah ini namun tidak ada yang tahu jelasnya kapan malam ini akan datang tetapi ada sebuah hadits yang menyatakan bahwa malam lailatul qadar terjadi di saat 10 malam terakhir bulan Ramadhan. " Rasulullah ShallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam beri'tikaf di sepuluh hari terkahir bulan Ramadhan dan beliau bersabda, yang artinya: "Carilah malam Lailatul Qadar di (malam ganjil) pada 10 hari terakhir bulan Romadhon" " (HR: Bukhari 4/225 dan Muslim 1169).

Selain terjadi malam lailatul qadar, di bulan Ramadhan juga terjadi peristiwa turunnya Al-Qur'an yang diperingati sebagai Nuzulul Quran pada tanggal 17 Ramadhan.Ayat pertama yang diturunkan Allah SWT yakni surat Al-Alaq ayat 1-5 yang isinya menyuruh manusia untuk membaca.Ayat ini diturunkan di Gua Hira kepada Nabi Muhammad.

Selain itu,di bulan Ramadhan jika kita sungguh-sunguh ingin bertakwa dengan ikhlas Insya Allah dosa kita akan diampuni.Ada sebuah hadits yang menyatakan “Barang siapa berpuasa pada bulan Ramadhan karena keimanannya dan karena mengharap ridha Allah, maka dosa-dosa sebelumnya diampuni” (HR. Bukhari – Muslim dan Abu Dawud).

Sungguh besar apa yang telah Allah berikan di bulan yang penuh ampunan ini.Ini hanya sedikit peristiwa yang ada di bulan Ramadhan yang bisa saya rangkum,ada banyak lagi kejadian yang terjadi di bulan Ramadhan ini.Apakah kita sudah melaksanakan semua yang diperintahkan Allah dengan ikhlas dan sungguh-sungguh di bulan Ramadhan dan bulan-bulan lainnya.

Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009

Creation of a Chicklet

On this blog I will explain a bit how to make itself chicklet.Chicklet to represent the identity of our blog.The way it chicklet as follows:

First, select the program GIMP on your computer, after appearing on the main page GIMP select "File" - "New" and change the size of the Width and Height to 78 pixels and 13 pixels.

Second, you enlarge the display image by clicking the zoom button at the bottom of the picture window of the original 100% to 400%.

After that, you click the Rectangle Select Tool and then your selection image area 3 / 4 parts on the right.

The next way, you click the Fill Bucket tool to give your favorite color in the selection of image areas that have been made.To change the color you like, you click the foreground color on the toolbox GIMP.

The way you should do next, click the Text tool to create the identity of your blog title.In the selection area 3 / 4 part, you write the complete identity of what you want to appear on the chicklet and the rest of the image area you write down the left side of your identity abbreviationsor are you like.For example, the selection area 3 / 4 of which you have the right color, you write "Football Club" in blue or favorite color and selection of image area to the left you can write "FC" in red.

The last, click the menu "Filter" - "Decor" - "Add Border" and then change the border size x and y size to 1 and select the color you like.
After all how are you doing, you can save the results of the chicklet you're done.

Thus summary I could make, would be useful for you.

Rabu, 05 Agustus 2009

The Strange Sports Fan - Soccer, Football and Celebrities Screensavers and Wallpapers in 3D

It is almost certain that you know someone like me.

The guy that hated all school physical activities, the guy that always finished last every race.

Maybe you are a bit like me also.

Because of this, I grew up disliking everything about soccer and football.

Unlike my friends who knew all about the famous players, the coaches and all the football tactics.

In spite of everything, my childhood was a very happy one. After all, the activities related to sports were a small part of my daily living, fortunately.

On the other hand, I was born with the gift of pencil drawing very nicely. My friends, the sports fans, came to me for help at the art lessons.

So a few years a go I came across Blender3d a free open source software that assists you in drawing 3D pictures and making 3D animations. There are lots of Blender3d movies out there on the net for you to watch.

After mastering the basics in 3D drawing and 3D animation a BRILLIANT IDEA occurred to me:

Now I have the perfect tool to MAKE PEACE with sports

I began to draw the most famous soccer and football teams logos in 3D. Then I started to make simple animations of these 3D logos with different camera movements and with different scenarios.

Also, transforming 2D pictures of sports celebrities like players and coaches, created a challenge to me, but it come out not so bad.

The next step was to publish my work on Youtube, witch I did.

Without realizing it, I had become a SPORTS FAN in my own way.

Two years ago I learned how to turn my 3D animations into Sports and Celebrities screensavers, wallpapers and desktop calendars in 3D.

I started my own website and it became my hobby.

So this was my short story to you.

Remember that

Sometimes our weakest points can lead us to positive outcomes.

Bye now.

Make a visit to my site and maybe you will find something you like.

Julio Silva